Website Design

Meta Data – Title, Keywords and Descriptions

Meta title tag is simply the name of your site. It is the most widely used forms of on page optimization. It basically lets your users know what your site is about. Even though it is out dated and not used as a primary source for ranking purposes it is still needed to help your potential client know what your site is all about. Meta description is similar to the meta title since they show up together and are used solely to help your visitors, not to help the search engines. The search engines are more sophisticated now then they were in the past. They use a myriad of other factors to determine how your site should rank in the search engines.

Sitemap: I Map Out Your site

A SEO Optimized Sitemap, seen here, is a list of pages to assist users and search engines view all of your pages within your site on one page. This ensures that the search engines can find all pages on your site and helps if links to pages on your site are not able to be followed by the search engines.

Website Architecture And Internal Linking

The way I design your local site to allow the search engines as well as your prospects to navigate your site easily.
IMPORTANT: If your site is not put in their “database” through
the process called caching or indexing Your Site Will Not Be Found!

Website Indexing and Submission

Indexing or caching is the process that the search engines uses to store a “copy” of your site. They do this so when users search for something on the internet, the search engine can determine the website that is the most pertinent and display it 1st then 2nd and so on within the results page. The process they use is called Referential Integrity and the pages displayed are based ONLY on the pages they have stored in their “database”. I will get your site indexed throughout all of the major search engines so potential clients will be able to find you.

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