Virus & Malware Removal

  • Is your PC Running to Slow? Can’t Get on The Internet. Or you getting a Blue screen?  

  • Think you need a new PC?  Your issue may only be virus related.

  • Service includes Virus/Removal and  Free  Anti-Virus Protection  software to keep your PC optimized for speed.

  • Benefits – Low Cost, normally there is no data, music, or pictures files lost and your PC will be faster. Free PC Trouble Shooting for other issues.

  • Please note, if your PC is infected you will lose your data if wait to long.

  • No hourly charge, just a flat fee of $85.00 for virus removal and protection. Call today if you have a question. Even if you can not access the Internet I can show you how to get online so I can connect and remove the infection then I will protect your PC.  

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