Networking Solutions

Networking is basically joining two or more computers either by Ethernet cable or wirelessly so that common features (files, printers, Internet connection) can be accessed by those computers.

A home network offers convenience for users in the same household and is needed if you have multiple computers and desire to access the same files, use the same printer, or play networked (LAN) games between two computers in the same house.

Networking Services:

  • Evaluate your needs and offer recommendations
  • Provide and set up a new wireless router
  • Extend your wireless coverage
  • Reset your existing router and trouble-shoot your existing setup
  • Correct your laptop to enable the fastest download speed possible (if your wireless downloads only test at 1mbps and you are paying for a 3mbps DSL package, something is wrong)
  • Secure your wireless network from outside intruders and unauthorized attempts to steal your bandwidth
  • Set up file sharing (access the same folders/directories/storage drives from different computers)
  • Set up printer sharing (print to your existing printer from a remote computer)
  • Offer ways that allow your TV to access your network (local media files, Internet)
  • Teach you about your equipment and how to reset in case Internet connection is lost

Below are examples of typical networks:

Simple Home Network







Simple Business Network






Network-specific certifications I hold include
CompTIA Network+ / Security+ and Microsoft MCSE:Security / MCSA:Security
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