How to care for your laptop or netbook

Laptop and netbook Care Laptop (notebook or netbook) computers differ quite a bit from desktop computers because being smaller requires a different type of construction and a different build-quality of hardware. In most cases, this means the components are less durable which requires the laptop to need special care. Look over the bullet points below. […]

Avoid All Toolbars

Toolbars Toolbars should be avoided like plagues. At best, they only serve to take up valuable space in your web browser window. At worst, they can “phone home” using data streams, track your surfing¬†on your system. Keep your browser clean and look for the opportunity to “uncheck” the toolbar options whenever updating or installing anythinghabits […]

How to Prevent Malware

Malware Prevention For the most part, malware seems to slip by many, if not all anti-virus products. I have had machines brought to me with AVG, Avira, McAfee, Norton, Kasperski, etc that have been infected with malware and are affected with the associated registry changes and damages. So what gives? Aren’t we protected if we […]

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