Avoid All Toolbars


Toolbars should be avoided like plagues. At best, they only serve to take up valuable space in your web browser window. At worst, they can “phone home” using data streams, track your surfing on your system. Keep your browser clean and look for the opportunity to “uncheck” the toolbar options whenever updating or installing anythinghabits and transmit that data for supposed marketing purposes. Toolbars come bundled to almost all free program installations and many updates. JAVA will try to load one and even Adobe will try to sneak a McAfee Toolbar and also a virus scanner

To remove toolbars, the place to start is Control Panel and Uninstall a Program (Add/Remove). My advice is to remove ALL toolbars. MSN, Ask, WebSearch (actually, remove ALL WebSearch items), YaHoo!, AOL. You don’t need these toolbars. Learn to use the features already in your browser like making use of your browser’s Favorites (Bookmarks) Bar, putting your default search to Google, and setting your homepage to whatever you want.

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