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My name is Kenneth and I operate my business out of Athens, Ga. I am a trained, licensed CompTIA A+  certified IT technician with over 20 years of experience in hardware , computer, and software trouble-shooting and repair. My training and experience includes all Microsoft operating systems and home/business networking.

I am picky almost to the point of being obsessive and I pride myself in doing things right and satisfying my customers with service that is above expectation. In addition to years of hands-on experience in maintaining and problem-solving with Windows operating systems and related hardware.

Computer repair has always been more of a hobby to me, something I do for fun whenever I can.

AthensComputerFix Certified Repair

(Hardware/Software Technician)

Athens ga computer repair Networrk
CompTIA Network+ (Wired and Wireless Networking)


I have been repairing hardware and software issues on computers since 1988. My first computer experiences go back to the Atari age, card punch machines and DOS applications on 5-1/4″ floppy disks and then later, countless repetitions of installing Windows 95/98 using a Windows installation disk and a boot floppy.

I know Windows XP like the back of my hand and have experimented with many applications installed to XP systems.

My experiences with troubleshooting, installing, and tweaking XP paved the way for my mastery of Vista and Windows 7 which is basically the same on the outside as XP but with a prettier interface, some things in different places, and streamlined network/sharing options. Because of my wide general experience, I am a quick study and can quickly figure out software applications I have never seen before.

I am highly experienced in Windows installations and tweaking. I know what slows a computer down and I know what to do to speed it up, make it run smoothly, and access hard disk data quickly.

Malware and virus removal are specialties of mine.

The real trick to effective and complete malware removal is knowing it well enough to not be dependent on automated cleaners which can actually cause further damage if used incorrectly. I am highly experienced with identifying and removing different types of malware and reversing the resulting system changes which are rarely corrected by automated cleaners.

Formal Training:

I am a graduate of Athens Technical College Microsoft Networking Specialist program where I maintained and finished with a 3.6. This intensive program began with detailed technical hardware training, building computers from scratch from piles of parts, and systematic hardware troubleshooting. It then evolved into hands-on training in designing, building, implementing, and administering complex LAN and WAN networks. With networking, I have actual experience in:

  • Repetitions of building networks from the ground up, setting up multiple domains, trees, and forests
  • Setting up routers
  • Using integrated DNS as well as industry standard primary/secondary DNS zones
  • Administration/management using Active Directory
  • Support of Windows XP and Server client operating systems
  • Setting up Server Update Services, ISA Servers, IIS Web Servers, Exchange Servers
  • Deployment of group policy for software and rights
  • Printer pooling/priorities
  • Creating multiple users
  • Use of virtualization with Microsoft Virtual PC
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